Mätt Solutions in conjunction with Formula Foods are
pleased to offer our trusted complete shelf life testing
and verification solution.

Over more than 20 years, Formula Foods clients have
come to expect and receive a comprehensive service
that offers you a “complete picture” of your product’s
performance on the shelf.

The new move combines this service with more test
capabilities under “one roof”.

A purpose built facility that combines years of
experience has been set up at the new Mätt Solutions
site. Bulk temperature and humidity controlled
incubation facilities, Sorption testing and film
transmittance solutions are key added features. A MAP
Lab is now also available for working on client’s projects
to determine optimum gas ratios to improve and
extend shelf life.

We look forward to offering you insight into the
dynamics of your products shelf life.

Please contact for more information.


•MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging O2/CO2)
•Water activity testing
•Sorption isotherms (caking and clumping)
•Leak detection
•Texture Analysis
•Viscosity / Rheology
•Temp & humidity tracking
•Organoleptic / Sensory aspects
•pH testing/tracking
•Fat rancidity / Oxidation
•Packaging Transmission Rates O2 + H2O
•Microbial growth

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