Analysis instruments for sugar producers

Our NIR instruments give you instant analysis results, without the using chemicals.

In sugar production vast quantities of samples are analyzed every day. When wet chemistry methods are used, results can take hours and often potentially harmful chemicals are used. Our NIR instruments instead give you precise results in a few seconds with no need for chemicals, and can even be placed in your process for real-time analysis.

All samples are easily analyzed, from shredded cane to molasses and finished sugar, and everything in between. You will save time and money, and enhance efficiency in your production processes.

What you can analyze

Our NIR instruments have a vast range of applications in sugar production, from grading of cane to verification of finished sugar.

All types of samples are analyzed in 6 seconds on our bench-top NIR tool, with little sample preparation needed. Our in-line NIR analyzer provides the same analyses in real-time in your process, while being able to be directly linked to your process control system.

Sugar cane – Pol, Brix, Fiber

Juices – Pol, Brix

Filter Cake – Pol

Syrup – Pol, Brix

Massecuite – Pol, Brix

Molasses – Pol, Brix

Raw Sugar – Pol, Color, Moisture, Grain Size

Bagasse – Pol, Moisture

Affination Syrup – Pol, Brix

Affination Magma – Pol, Brix, Color

Melt Liquor – Pol, Brix, Color

Clarifed Liquor – Brix, pH

Filtered liquor – Pol, Brix

Refined Sugar – Pol, Color, Moisture

NIR analysis in sugar production

DA 7200 Lab / At-line NIR

The DA 7200 is a bench-top NIR tool, which can test many of the samples typically analyzed in sugar production – in 6 seconds.

Place it at the cane intake lab to allow for for rapid testing of polarity, brix and fiber in each truckload of cane delivered. No juice extraction is needed, as the DA 7200 precisely analyzes the shredded cane with no sample preparation.

Place it in the mill lab for analysis of in-process samples along with finished sugar and by-products. All types of samples are easily analyzed. Little sample preparation is required before analysis, and as analysis is performed in open-facing dishes cleaning isn’t required between samples.

These qualities make the DA 7200 the perfect analyzer for a sugar mill. Read more about the DA 7200 Benchtop NIR instrument.


DA 7300 In-line NIR

Real-time NIR analysis and connection with process control system.

  • Measure color of refined sugar before and or after drying to determine the blending ratio.
  • Measure color of blended sugar to confirm efficiency of blending and to determine storage location

Read more about the DA 7300 In-line NIR instrument.