Perten Instruments offers analytical solutions to ingredient testing, process enhancement and confirmation of the finished products. Our products assist you in saving money and at the same time improving product standards.

Recommended products

Diode Array 7200 NIR Analyzer

In 6 seconds use the DA 7200 to determine moisture, fat and more in ingredients, intermediates and finished products. Most products are analyzed as is, with no sample preparation needed. Read more about the DA 7200 NIR.

Rapid Visco Analyser

A flexible heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer to ascertain the gelatinization properties of starch and other starchy ingredients and degree of cook of mix formulations and extruded finished products. Starch provides to the texture, flavour, color, nutritional value and shelf life stability of snackfoods. Read more about the RVA.


Compositional testing

Moisture and fat levels have a large influence on product quality as well as production fees. By observing the levels, the process can be altered so the moisture and fat content is perfected, ensuring optimal quality whilst refining raw material usage.

Functional testing

Applications for product and process development and enhancement, scale up and transfer. Especially valuable for extruded snackfoods. Detect the effects of different ingredients, moisture content and extruder settings. Test at any point throughout the production process from raw material to finished product.

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