Oilseed milling

Having worked with many large companies
in the industry for years, Perten Instruments
has gained vast experience in how to help
oilseed millers work efficiently.

They offer analytical tools to help you save
money. All our instruments are quick, precise,
durable and simple to use – in other words they
were designed with industrial use in mind and
will work equally well on the factory floor as in
the lab. As they help you improve efficiency and
save money, they typically pay for their cost in
under 6 months. These are some of the ways
they can benefit you:

  • determine moisture, oil, fatty acid profile
    and more in oilseeds
  • optimize pressing and extraction
  • monitor degumming and free fatty acid
  • optimize drying of oilseed meal
  • verify feed nutritional properties of the
    oilseed meal

Recommended products

The products listed below are all suitable for
oilseed processors. Which product you should
choose depends on your specific needs, but we
would recommend that you first consider the
Diode Array 7200 as it is our most flexible

Preferred choice

Diode Array 7200

The DA 7200 usuallu pays back its own cost
in under a year. Employing the latest NIR
technology it calculates parameters such as
moisture, protein, oil and more in oilseeds,
intermediates and meals – in 6 seconds.
No sample preparation is required, making
it the fastest NIR Instrument on the market.
Spectral data collected on other NIR models
can be transferred to the DA 7200, to provide
an easy upgrade from your old equipment.

Low-cost alternative

Inframatic 8600

Smaller sites should take a look at the
Inframatic 8600. Using proven and robust
NIR technology, it can determine the majority
of parameters that the Diode Array 7200
determines. However the Inframatic 8600
needs a lab mill for sample preparation.

Laboratory Mill 120 or 3100

Approved hammer mills for preparation of
whole grain and pellets. Produces a fine,
homogeneous sample suitable for NIR
measurements of protein, oil etc.

Laboratory Mill 3303 or 3600

Approved disc mills for moisture content
determination. LM 3600 is suitable for
grinding large sized material, such as
pellets for example.

Additional products

Inframatic 9200 Grain Analyzer

For those who only need quality assurance of
inbound oilseed shipments, the Inframatic 9200
is ideal. In only 40 seconds it can calculate
moisture, protein, oil and more in oilseeds
at raw material intake.

Aquamatic 5200 Moisture Meter

Determine moisture and test weight in all
kinds of oilseeds in only 10 seconds.
The Aquamatic is based on recent development
work performed by the USDA and is the
most accurate moisture meter available.

Save Money and improve Quality

Raw material intake

Perten Instruments offer moisture meters
and NIR instruments for quality control
of inbound oilseeds. Quick and precise
calculation of moisture, oil, fatty acid profile,
protein and more enables you to pay the
true price for the oilseed you purchase.

Pressing and extraction

The DA 7200 NIR Analyzer can determine
the oil content and more in presscake and
expeller in 6 seconds. You need not grind
the sample before it is analyzed, and there
are no cups to pack and clean. Just pour the
sample into the open-faced dish, put it inside
the analyzer and press start. The instrument
may be placed at-line and process operators
are able to confidently use it, enabling
immediate process control. We have customers
who were able to tighten their specification of
oil content in the presscake by one percentage
point after they started working with the DA 7200.


With the DA 7200 you will be able to get
phosphorus results in a few seconds.
The analysis is easy and doesn’t require
any chemicals or an equipped lab.

FFA removal

6-second determination of oil FFA content
will give you the information you need to
determine the optimal conditions for the

Oilseed meal drying

The DA 7200 will give you precise moisture
results in seconds, which makes you able to truly
optimize drying. Increase profit by minimizing moisture
safety margins, while avoiding product quality issues.
As the DA 7200 was designed for at-line use,
and does not require samples to be ground prior
to analysis, there is no time lag from when a sample
is pulled from the process until the results are available.

Verification of oilseed meal nutritional content

The price of oilseed meal depends on its composition.
Using the DA 7200 you will be able to determine moisture,
protein and other nutritional parameters without any
wet chemistry analyses.

What you can analyze

The DA 7200 takes care of most of the analytical
requirements at an oilseed processing plant.
To download reports on some of the studies we have
performed, please use the link “Application notes” below.

The following are the most commonly measured parameters:

  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Oil
  • Ash
  • Amino acids
  • Free fatty acids

Calibrations for these, and other parameters are available
for all common oilseeds and meals. Spectral data collected
on different NIR models can be transferred to the DA 7200,
to give you a seamless upgrade from your old equipment.

Customer Case Story


Nola is a South African company processing raw materials
such as soybeans, sunflower seeds and corn into a range
of products. The company was founded back in the 40s,
and began as just a farm. It has grown substantially since
then. It is now the South African market leader for several
of its products. Nola had been using Perten Inframatic NIR
instruments for 10 years, and they wanted to know if the
latest technology could be used to better their operation.

Perten solution

Perten presented the Diode Array instrument,
using current diode array NIR technology.
One of its most important feature is the ability
to analyze inhomogeneous samples of any kind
without drying or grinding.

Practical experiences

Over the years Nola has experienced multiple
benefits of their Perten NIR instruments.

The ability of the Diode Array to analyze
inhomogeneous samples meant that they were
able to more accurately assess their specification
of oil in the soybean press-cakes, thereby
considerably increasing the efficiency of their
oil crushing plant. In economical terms the
advantages were such that the Nola management
decided to purchase a second Diode Array instrument
from Perten Instruments.

With the Diode Array Feed Analyzer Nola
analyzes both whole sunflower seeds and soybeans,
bypassing sample grinding. An instantaneous effect
of this was that the employees who were working
with sample prep were able to move on to other
tasks that were of greater value to Nola.


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