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Effective raw material usage and enhancing the process are two key factors in modern food processing. Meeting strict demands of profitability requires productivity increases and constant process enhancement. Efficient quality assurance can help both improve raw material usage and optimize the process. Perten Instruments offers a variety of instruments for laboratory and at-line for quick, precise measurements, enabling sustained optimisation and supervision.

Economic benefits

Control your process

With the DA7200 multi-purpose NIR Analyser you can analyse samples in seconds and get a quick, precise measurement of your vital quality characteristics. This allows you to hastily change process settings like drying times, blend ratios or additives, in order to give the desired result.

In addition to fixing the final product quality, process enhancement is now possible. This allows for energy savings, higher throughput, less down-time and reduced waste. The instrument is simple to operate, and any user can run a sample in seconds.

Improved lab efficiency

With the DA7200 your laboratory throughput will rise. With the unique open face sample presentation the time needed for sample preparation is decreased greatly. The DA7200 can analyse most types of materials, and provides quick, precise results without the need for sample preparation.

Compared to older NIR analysers using sample cups, your overall time per analysis is under half. Slurries, pastes and wet samples can be analysed using the elective disposable cups. Fill the cup, analyse the sample, and dispose of the cup with no cleaning required.

Recommended products

Diode Array 7200

A 6-second highly precise NIR that analyses raw materials, intermediates and finished goods and refined products with no sample preparation. Mix identification and checks for missing ingredients are possible. Read more about the DA 7200 NIR.


An adaptable heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer to replicate the manufacture and user preparation of foods and beverages containing hydrocolloids, starches and proteins as thickeners, texturizers, viscosifiers, gelling agents, stabilizers and clarifiers. Applications for powdered soup mix, canned soup, cooking sauce, powdered sauce mix, table sauce, dressings etc. Use the RVA as a “Miniature Pilot Plant” for quick, efficient product development. Read more about the RVA.

Inframatic 8600 NIR Analyzer

A durable, consistent NIR analyzer for powders and ground products determining the basic quality characteristics. Read more about the Inframatic 8600

The Glutomatic System

The global standard test for gluten content and quality in whole meal and flour. The gluten content and quality by gluten index indicates the final properties of the pasta/noodles, and the quick test enable grading of the raw material and allows for variable doses of additives. Read more about the Glutomatic.


Find a selection of our solutions below. If your particular need is not met, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Pasta processing

The pasta manufacturing process can benefit greatly from adding quick, precise quality control solutions. Measuring the product between drying stages allows process optimisation; saving energy and increasing productivity.

By measuring the final product, it is easy to make sure the requirements are met. This also enables drying enhancement to make sure the end product has the perfect moisture content.

The DA 7200 measures the product with no sample preparation required, making it the quickest and simplest analyser on the market.

Raw material gluten quality and quantity has a vast impact on the processing properties and end product quality. The Glutomatic enables you to measure these parameters fast and precisely.

Breakfast cereals

The crispness has to be spot on. By measuring the moisture levels of the end products and at various stages with the DA7200, the production process can be observed and changed accordingly. The user is able to perfect the moisture content, whilst making sure the end product properties are as wanted. Optimising the moisture content has an immediate effect on the operation results, as the yield can be enhanced.

The DA 7200 measures all products whole with no sample preparation required, making it the quickest simplest analyser on the market.

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