Feed Milling

Feed millers are faced with the arduous task of producing to the same specifications consistently, with profitability, as raw materials and their prices are constantly in flux. The only way to succeed is to have complete awareness of your raw materials and your process. Perten Instruments has the products for quick and easy compositional analysis of feed as well as all types of feed raw materials, and will help you increase your profitability

  • Detect off-grade shipments before they are unloaded
  • Find and use higher value grain
  • Optimize drying to get as close as possible to the moisture specifications
  • Verify the quality of your finished products before shipping

Recommended products

The products listed below are all recommended for feed millers. Which product to choose depends on your needs, but we would like to suggest that you first consider the Diode Array 7200 as it is our most advanced and flexible analyzer.

Preferred choice

Diode Array 7200 Feed Analyzer

The DA 7200 can usually pay back its own cost in under a year. Employing the latest NIR technology it calculates nutritional composition of ingredients and finished feed with unmatched accuracy – in 6 seconds. No sample preparation is required, making it the fastest NIR Instrument on the market. Spectral data aggregated on other NIR models can be transferred to the DA 7200, to provide a streamlined upgrade from your old equipment.

Low-cost alternative

Laboratory Mill 120 or 3100

Approved hammer mills for preparing whole grain and pellets. Produces a fine, even sample suitable for NIR measurements of protein, oil etc.

Approved disc mills for moisture content calculation. LM 3600 is suitable for grinding larger materials, such as pellets.

Additional products

Inframatic 9500 Grain Analyzer

For those who only need quality assurance of inbound grain and oilseed shipments, the Inframatic 9500 is the perfect choice. In 50 seconds it calculates characteristics such as moisture, protein, oil and more in grains and oilseeds at raw material inflow.

Aquamatic 5200 Moisture Meter

Determine moisture and test weight in all kinds of grains and oilseeds. The Aquamatic is based on recent development work performed by the United States Department of Agriculture and is the foremost in moisture meter accuracy available.

Save Money and improve Quality

Perten Instruments offers analytical instruments which enable you to reduce costs and improve income. With the DA 7200 you will have a single instrument for everything; analysis of raw materials, in-process material as well as finished feeds.

At the raw material intake

A high and consistent quality starts with having total control over your raw materials. With a DA 7200 from Perten Instruments you can assess the quality of all inbound shipments, allowing you to formulate using your own data instead of crop report values or supplier data. Our customers find that this helps them decrease safety margins and shave off the actual protein content of the finished products by minimum 0.5-1 percentage points, which means considerable savings on the protein sources.

At the mixer

Should something happen while weighing or batching, the last opportunity to fix it is at the mixer. Using the DA 7200 samples don’t have to be ground before analysis, and it only takes a few seconds to ensure that the batch is matching the specifications. As the DA 7200 is simple to use, allowing several of our customers to make product quality and quality control the responsibility of the production staff, with fantastic results. Lab technicians are then free to spend more time on complex jobs.

Optimize drying

A too great moisture content means a risk of fungal infection, but if the moisture level is too low you are giving away product for free. The DA 7200 makes it easier to determine moisture content after the dryer, for immediate adjustment to drying time and temperature levels.

Optimize fat coating

Using a DA 7200 you are able to optimize the fat coating of pellets, helping you to reduce costs and meet the nutritional needs. As an analysis is done in seconds and requires no sample preparation, it is very simple to measure and adapt the fat content of the product.

At load-out

With the speed of our DA 7200 it is possible, and recommended, to content check every truck before dispatch. Take a sample, bring it to the analyzer, and a few seconds later you can ascertain that the right product was loaded, avoiding customer complaints and costly recalls. As the DA 7200 is so simple to use, you don’t need to waste your lab technicians’ time, but could leave the final quality check to untrained individuals such as the truck driver.

What you can analyze

The DA 7200 covers most of the analytical requirements at a feed plant. The following are the most measured parameters:

  • Moisture
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Starch
  • Fiber (ADF, NDF, crude fiber)
  • Ash
  • Amino acids
  • Sugars

Calibrations for these and other properties are available for a vast number of finished feeds and raw materials. All products can be analyzed without arduous preparation, no matter the shape.

  • Finished feeds (cattle, poultry, pig, aqua, horse, sheep etc)
  • Grains (wheat, corn, barley, oats, etc)
  • Protein sources (soymeal, sunflower meal, rapeseed meal, DDG, fish meal, etc)
  • Silage, Hay and Grasses
  • Other (wheat middlings, corn feed meal, wheat bran, citrus pulp etc)

Spectral data collected on other NIR models can be transferred to the DA 7200, to provide a streamlined upgrade from your previous NIR equipment.

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