Our instruments are incredibly flexible in use. Use them to assist in product development, formulation, and improvement. Use them to measure ingredients prior to entering your process. Use them to enhance efficiency, productivity, and decrease costs – while improving quality.

Dairy products are flexible materials that may require many different analyses dependent upon the material in question and its use. The information needed falls into two general groupings:

  • Compositional Information:
    Moisture, Total Solids, Protein, Fat etc. is required for formulation and nutritional properties.
  • Functional Information:
    How the product will act – melt, flow, stick, etc. – under specific conditions in a specific formulation or matrix.

Perten Instruments is equipped to measure both of these vital sets of attributes.

Recommended products

Rapid Visco Analyser

A flexible heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer for process emulation of recombined products like sweetened condensed milk, yoghurt, cream cheese and ice cream. Ascertain batch differences in skim milk powders, whey protein concentrates and protein isolates that affect suitability for purpose. Test the rehydration rate of rennet caseinate. Use the RVA as a “Mini Pilot Plant” for processed cheese manufacturing and meltability.

DA 7200 NIR Dairy Analysis System

Measure compositional statistics in 6 seconds. Analyze for properties such as Moisture/Total Solids, Protein, Fat, pH and others simultaneously with little sample prep or clean-up. Analyzes cheeses, powders, pastes, slurries, yogurts and even liquids – all with only 1 instrument! The DA 7200 is accurate, quick, simple and flexible.

Inframatic 8600 NIR Analyzer

A durable, reliable NIR analyzer for powders and ground products determining the basic characteristics.


Perten Instruments provide a large variety of analytical solutions for the dairy industry, and an overview table is presented below. Individual applications and benefits are described for the following products (please follow links for details):

Cheese powders
Dairy powders
Yoghurt, Cheese spreads, Cheese sauces

If your particular application is not listed below, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Butter – Salted Moisture, Fat, Salt
Butter – Unsalted Moisture, Fat
Parmesan/Romano etc. Moisture, Fat, Salt
Mozzarella Cheese Moisture, Fat, Salt, pH
Cheese Fines Total Solids, Fat, Protein, Ash
Coffee Creamer Fat
Non-fat Dry Milk Protein, Moisture, Fat, Ash, Lactose, Alkalinity
Cheese Powders Moisture, Salt, pH, L, a, B
Dry Buttermilk Protein, Moisture, Fat, Ash, Lactose, Alkalinity
Yogurt Moisture Fat
Whey – Condensed Solids, Fat, Protein, Alkalinity, Ash
Whey Protein Concentrate Fat, Protein, Alkalinity, Ash, Lactose
Sour Cream Moisture, Fat, Protein
Cream Cheese Moisture, Fat, Protein
Processed Cheeses Moisture, Fat, Salt, pH
Cheese Sauces Total Solids, Fat, pH
Cottage Cheese Total Solids, Fat, Protein
Milk Total Solids, Fat, Protein, Lactose
Cream Total Solids, Fat
Sweetened condensed Milk Total Solids, Fat


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