Aquafeed analysis solutions

Aquafeed producers are faced with the arduous task of producing to the same specifications week after week, while making a profit, as raw materials and their prices are in a constant state of change. The only way to succeed is to have total knowledge of your raw materials and your process. Perten Instruments offers analysis solutions for hasty testing of finished feed as well as every type of ingredient. Make the correct formulations, test starch properties, control your drying, and make sure you meet finished feed requirements.

Analytical instruments for aquafeed

Rapid Visco Analyser

A flexible heating, cooling and variable shear viscometer to assess the gelatinisation characteristics of feed ingredients like starch, flour and wholemeal using a 13-minute standardized test. Also test enzyme activity such as sprout damage in wheat using a 3-minute standardized test. Test pelletized and extruded half-products and finished products for starch degree of cook to ascertain friability and density. Read more about the RVA.

Diode Array 7200 Feed Analyzer

Utilizing the latest NIR technology it calculates moisture, protein, fat and more in ingredients and finished feeds with unmatched accuracy – in 6 seconds. No sample preparation is required, making it the quickest NIR Instrument on the market. Spectral data collected on other NIR models is able to be transferred to the DA 7200, to provide a streamlined upgrade from your previous NIR equipment. The DA 7200 is able to pay back its own cost in under a year. Read more about the DA 7200 NIR.

Laboratory Mills

We offer a variety of hammer mills and disc mills which are suited for sample preparation for a wide range of analytical methods. Read more about Lab mills.

Aquamatic 5200 Moisture Meter

Calculates moisture and test weight in grains and feed pellets. The Aquamatic is based on current research performed by the United States Department of Agriculture and is the formost product in moisture meter accuracy available. Read more about the AM 5200 Grain Moisture Meter.

What you can analyze

Our rheology and NIR instruments take care of most of the analytical requirements at an aquafeed plant. The following are the most commonly measured characteristics:


Compositional testing: Moisture, Protein, Starch, Ash and more
Functional testing: Starch gelatinization characteristics, Falling Number

Oils and fats

Free fatty acids, fatty acid profile

Protein sources and other ingredients

Moisture, Protein, Amino acids, Fat, Fiber, Ash etc

In-process products

Degree of cook

Finished feeds

Compositional testing: Moisture, Protein, Amino acids, Fat, Fiber, Ash etc
Functional testing: Degree of cook

For NIR parameters, standard calibrations are available for a large range of ingredients and feeds. If you are upgrading from an older NIR model, we are able to transfer your existing spectral database, to provide a streamlined upgrade from your previous equipment.

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