FF Instrumentation carries out full repair, calibration and servicing of oxygen and carbondioxide analysers

Dansensor With Product

Dansensor Approved Calibration / Repair Service

As Dansensor’s sole approved sales, service, calibration and support agent, FF Instrumentation Ltd  uses genuine Dansensor replacement  parts straight from Denmark . All Service Staff that work on  Dansensor Instruments have been trained in Denmark by the instrument engineers/ designers at Dansensor and this ensures your instrument is repaired and  calibrated  to perform according to factory specification.

We also verify your instrument/s have the latest software / upgrades ensuring you  are always ahead of any unforeseen challenges. Depending on the instrument, this service is carried out either on clients site or at FF Instrumentation’s premises

Free Loan Instruments (where applicable)

Free loan instrument/s are provided (when available) in case of a breakdown or if your unit needs calibration. All the client pays for this service is the freight – this service has no expiry date and will last for the lifetime of your instrument.

Free Service Kits

FF Instrumentation provides service kits with every calibration. The kits usually consist of calibration maintenance instruction for the customer, 1 sheet of Septums, 5  Needles and a replacement water-trap filter.

FF Instrumentation Ltd cover insurance

We provides cover while your instrument is in freight. Most NZ courier companies cover any freight for a maximum of $1500 , FF Instrumentation Ltd provides the rest of the cover for up to $30,000. This way  the customer has peace of mind when sending their instrument/s to us.



Instrument Type Description Calibration Intervals
Checkpoint Hand Held Oxygen/ Carbondioxide Analyzer 6 Months
Checkpoint II Hand Held Gas Analyzer (Oxygen/ Carbondioxide) with

data logging

6 Months
Checkmate Benchtop Gas Analyzer (Oxygen/ Carbondioxide) 6 / 12 Months
MapCheck3 Inline Gas Analyzer (Oxygen/ Carbondioxide) / Control flow wrappers 12 Months
TGC2 Inline Gas  (Oxygen/ Carbondioxide) Analyzer / Control flow wrappers 12 Months
CMV2 Inline Gas (Oxygen/ Carbondioxide) Analyzer Thermoformers/ Tray Sealers 12 Months

FF Instrumentation carries out full repair, calibration and servicing of oxygen and carbondioxide analysers