Fast analysis of incoming feed ingredients to whole complete pellets for protein, moisture, fat etc. in 6 seconds.

Feed – Milling

Feed millers face the difficult task of producing to the same specifications day after day as raw materials and their prices constantly change. To succeed you need full knowledge of your raw materials and your process. Perten Instruments has the right tools for rapid compositional analysis of feed and all types of feed raw materials which will help you;

  • Detect off-grade shipments prior to unloading
  • Identify and use higher value grain and other raw materials
  • Get as close as possible to the moisture specifications by optimizing drying (sell water)and Improve your profitability
  • Verify the quality of your finished products before despatch

Improve Quality and Save $$

Perten Instruments Sweden offers analytical instrumentation that enable you to save money and increase margins. The DA 7250 gives you the capability in one instrument to analyse raw materials, materials in-process as well as finished feeds.

Capabilities to analyse;

Raw material at intake

High and consistent quality starts with having full control of your raw materials. With a DA 7250 from Perten Instruments Sweden you can determine the quality of all incoming raw materials, enabling you to formulate using real values instead of crop report values or data supplied by suppliers. Our customers find that this helps them achieve huge savings on protein by reducing safety margins and trim the actual protein content of the finished products by minimum 0.5-1 percentage points.

During the mixing process

If something happens during weighing or batching, your last chance to fix it is at the mixer. Using the DA 7250 you do not have to grind samples prior to analysis, it only takes seconds to ensure that the batch is according to specifications. As the DA 7250 is so easy to use, several of our customers have made product quality & quality control the responsibility of the production staff, with excellent results. This makes Lab technicians time available that can be spent on more complex issues.

During the drying process

If moisture content is too high you face the risk of fungal infection, but if the moisture content is too low you are giving away product for free. The DA 7250 makes it possible to determine moisture content after the dryer, for immediate adjustment of drying time and temperature.

Fat coating optimization

Using a DA 7200 you will be able to optimize the fat coating of pellets, helping you to save money and meet the nutritional requirements. As an analysis is done in seconds and requires no sample grinding, it is very easy to measure and adjust the fat content of the product.

At final load-out

With the speed of our DA 7200 it is feasible, and recommendable, to check the contents of every truck before dispatch. Draw a sample, bring it to the analyzer, and a few seconds later you can assure that the right product was loaded, avoiding customer complaints and costly take-backs. As the DA 7200 is so easy to use, you don’t need to tie up your lab technicians’ time, but could leave the final quality control to for example the truck driver.

Perten Feed Customers

A large number of feed companies around the world have chosen to invest in the DA 7200 Feed Analyzer, and we’d like to present a few of them.

Svenska Foder is a Swedish feed manufacturer with four sites, all of them equipped with the DA 7200 NIR Feed Analyzer. Their primary goal was to improve product quality while saving on external lab costs, and they are very pleased to have achieved that. Svenska Foder has placed their DA 7200s at-line for quality assurance of the finished feeds and for process optimization.

UFA AG is the leading Swiss feed producer, with four plants and over 100 different feeds produced. The DA 7200 NIR Feed Analyzer helps them get significantly closer to targets in production, and save up to €50,000 yearly in decreased wet chemistry costs. The DA 7300 In-line NIR is used for real-time analysis directly in the mixer, giving UFA the ability to make last minute adjustments.

Garant is the leading Austrian feed company. They produce a wide range of feeds in four facilities. In order to optimize raw materials usage and decrease analytical costs they invested in the Diode Array Feed Analyzer for all of their sites. All ingredients received are tested and the results are used for fine-tuning of the formulations. All four instruments are connected to a centrally located database server for automatic storage of all analytical records.

Afgri is the largest South African farmers cooperative. All of their feed production facilities are equipped with DA 7200 units.

Fast analysis of incoming feed ingredients to whole complete pellets for protein, moisture, fat etc. in 6 seconds.

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