With a newly developed product portfolio, outsourced mass production
and acceptance for our products on multiple markets, our assignment is
as clear as daylight: with a strong internal market organisation, together
with distributors and resellers, we shall create a global network for the
selling of our products.

Our product family is based on in-house developed and patented analysis
equipment, which uses Mid IR spectroscopy.
Miris stands for Mid Infra Red Intelligent System. The analysis equipment
can analyse many different liquids. We have chosen to focus mainly on
milk analysis and to some extent on the analysis of liquid medicines.

After the acquisition of Losab at the end of 2009, Miris can now offer
products that make it possible to analyse solid medicines as well.

The equipment comprises both manual and semi-automatic instruments.
More than hundred units have been sold to customers in 34 countries.

The market for milk analysis equipment is large. With our instruments,
it is possible to replace big and expensive equipment with small, portable
units at low prices without compromising the performance or analysis
results. The appealing performance/price opens a vast market in the
analysis of cow and buffalo milk in fast growing economies, among others
in India and China and other fast-growing countries, where domestic milk
production is stimulated. These markets have not been accessible in the
past because of the high prices of analysis instruments. With the help
of our analysis instruments, milk analysis can now be conducted in the
dairy segment in fast growing economies at a considerably lower cost
than what has been possible so far.

Furthermore, as far as breast milk is concerned, the importance of
individual nutrition (nutrient supply) for premature infants is attracting
more and more attention. With the help of Miris’ instruments the
content of breast milk can be analysed and the nutrients can be quickly
customised to match each infant’s needs. Our analysis instruments are
requested also for scientific university studies, which is yet another proof
that they are of a high class. All these things together create prerequisites
for large-volume sales of Miris analysis equipment.

Thanks to the broad area of application of its products, appealing
performance/price, outsourced mass production and last but not least
acceptance on the breast milk and dairy markets, Miris is well-equipped
for fast expansion and growth. To put it short, we can meet the market’s
large demand.

Tony Malmström
CEO, Miris Holding AB