Pfeuffer is a manufacturer of quality control products related to the grain processing industries. The product programme contains sampling of grains and seeds during seed production, reception of harvested grains and processing as well as measuring different quality parameters through the process.
Instruments for cereals and seeds

Our core business are laboratory equipment for all kinds of agricultural crops, as moisture meter, sorting machines and seed counters, and temperature monitoring for silo bins and storage halls.


Since 2008 we are manufacturing automatic truck samplers, inline samplers and sample cleaner. So, we are covering the complete field of quality control of cereals with our own product lines.

International business

Our customers from agriculture, grain trade, flour mills, feed mills, seed, malting and brewing industry are distributed all over the world.


As a SMC we are a typical allrounder. Our Focus and flexibility are a key to our position on the market. Customers appreciate our quality and precision for more than 60 years.

The whole product lifecycle

Pfeuffer is developing, producing, selling and servicing all products. Part of our philosophy is that we want to have the complete quality and precision right from the beginning until the end of use.

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