Why the name change?

After many years of operating as a division of Formula Foods, then “Formula Foods Instrumentation”
and finally “FF Instrumentation”, we decided to choose a name that represented what we are passionate
about – providing measurement solutions for quality and process control. Mätt means “measured” in Swedish,
a core representation of what our business is all about, measuring solutions so you get the best quality results
enabling you to make better quality products. Matt was also the name of the Directors late son, Matthew.
So, in saying that that, this name means a lot to our Company and we hope you like it too!

Mätt Solutions (along with Formula Foods) have been pioneers in offering expertise
in professional food technology services since 1987.
We are one of NZ’s leading providers of specialist instrumentation for measuring and extending
product shelf life, including a strong focus on analytical instrumentation and process monitoring
equipment for the food / dairy manufacturing sector.

With New Zealand currently at the forefront of shelf life extension in Australasia,
Formula Foods and Mätt Solutions are leading that charge in providing tools to assist with;

  • MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Water activity, Sorption isotherms and Moisture control.
  • NIR solutions for testing e.g. Fat, Protein, Ash monitoring and control
  • Leak Detection
  • Reducing gas costs in MAP
  • Meeting MPI regulations
  • Texture and Viscosity analysis
  • Temperature, pH and humidity tracking and much more

The company has been built on its reputation and commitment to service.

“We have worked hard to develop a comprehensive suite of analysis tools and resources
to ensure our clients maximise shelf life, resulting in less product wastage,
increased sales and improved profitability.”

Mätt Solutions provides a complete peace of mind service by ensuring the availability
of backup instrumentation with minimal downtime. This is something our clients require
and have grown to depend on. Fully trained in-house technicians ensure we can
locally repair, service and calibrate all our instruments.

We trust we can assist your company in achieving greater success.

Mätt Solutions Ltd together with Formula Foods is proud to be a member of
The New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology Inc (NZIFST).
We have been members as a company for many years and continue to support the institute
by registering our team as members and participating in NZIFST events and conferences.



Mätt Solutions Ltd offer on-site training for any new equipment
or new staff/users working with the equipment.
Ensuring your staff have the knowledge to correctly operate and maintain
the units they work with will allow your company to derive their
complete benefits and reduce servicing and repair and costs.
Training can also be helpful for established users that need a refresher.
If a unit has been on-site for a long time, it can be easy to forget its full potential.

To discuss your training needs, please contact us on (03) 595 2368 or sales@ffi.nz



We offer a comprehensive shelf life testing and validation service.
Our shelf life analysis will give a clear picture of a product’s
expected shelf life,
presented in an easy to understand format. In addition to performing the
shelf life analysis,
we can assist with formula modification to improve the product’s shelf life.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us here.